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Folocard Android US-incent

Folocard Android US-incent

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  • Posted:2019-06-13
  • Language:Eglish
  • Developer:Folocard

App Introduction


Folocard is a fresh approach to first contact networking. This is not your typical business card app.

Business card organizer apps have been focused on contact management and digital Rolodex. Also, business card scanner apps that offer social networking functionality are limited only to the userbase of that app. This siloed approach misses the point of the business card. A social contract saying: CONTACT ME!

So...we made it very FAST and SIMPLE to follow up.

Here is how it works:

1. You prepare an email template. Subject and Body.

2. You scan a business card (or any doc, even handwritten). We make sure to catch that email address.

3. A draft email is composed in your native email app. Ready to SEND or edit/save the draft. 

No Business Card? No Problem! LONG PRESS the capture button to launch a simple email field form, either party can manually enter a business email. Bump & CardMunch RIP.

User testing shows that immediately following up provides a positive impression on new contacts, leading to shorter sales cycles and even repeat meetings at conferences, tradeshows & exhibitions. Go from MQLs to SQLs faster.

Growth hacking your simple CRM pipeline by capturing leads, tracking prospects and engaging customers. By accelerating the business relationship in a streamlined free app that drives rapid response & results. Scan expo leads for free AND #alwaysfollowup. 

Inbox Zero? Challenge Accepted!


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