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  • size:54M
  • Posted:2019-06-13
  • Language:Korean
  • Developer:Eyougame Inc.

Game Introduction


▶ Intangible Sword Mobile ◀

The moment the sword is lifted, the legend begins.

War of swordsmen to win swords!

Intangible Sword We invite the swordsmen to the strong world of mobile

◆ Hold your sword.

Gorgeous skills and exhilarating touch

The essence of martial arts that comes out of mobile

Acquire various skills and earn the honor of volcanic lanterns

◆ Look for the realm of God

Summon gods during the war to confuse your opponents

Change your premortal power with brilliant power and explosive attack power

◆ Artisans are everywhere.

Build the best equipment with the materials you acquired during the adventure

Do not let go of all the opportunities to strengthen your wings, mounts, pets, weapons, defenders,

◆ Chinchilla

There is no man only in Kangho.

Plant the seeds of love and become the impure husband and wife.

Why do not you give birth to a cute baby and brag about it?

◆ Content without tears

Quest, Reinforcement, Ranking Challenge, World Boss

Find and collect the hidden objects in the game


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