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  • size:456.7M
  • Posted:2019-06-12
  • Language:Chniese,English
  • Developer:HERO NETWORK LTD

Game Introduction


Interesting Strategy Round Tour Masterpiece! New content on-line, eleventh professional Mohist came on the stage, bringing new strategies round play; new top 120 equipment on-line, breaking through self-limits; new retreat talent, pet demonization, pet patterns show their magic; and a new pet Wushen honour with you to deduce strategy round!

The eleventh profession is on the stage, and the power supply is a changeable recruiting organ.

Six great divine soldiers have broken out and upgraded the attributes of the whole set of equipment!

Golden Warlord is coming, reversing the ability of gene annexation!

Pet demonization reverses growth, a variety of ways to control the battle!

Dream World Hand Tour intuitively interprets the strategy of round games in the form of "scissors, stone and cloth". Cool and fantastic skill effect, magic amusement park, trying to make players deeply feel the rich interest of the round game. Convenient voice chat, strong interactive gang play, full of social, make you feel the fun of the game easily!


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