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  • size:31M
  • Posted:2019-06-11
  • Language:Chinese
  • Developer:Gameboss(HK) Digital Entertainment

Game Introduction


You are the mysterious son of choice. The struggle between the Protoss and the devil never ceased.

Destruction is eternity, rebirth is the only way out. Your birth opened the eyes of the gods.

Murmuring: peace, struggle, save the world...

"Bullet Curtain and Sagittarius" refers to one of the three major features of "gorgeous shooting", "you hit me flashing", "liver protection and safety", which makes it easy for you to save the world.

[Whoa, blow up enemies in a large range]

Like sparks of brilliant skills, special effects, enjoy the right and left bow, bullet-free shooting pleasure.

[Spirits of heaven and earth, goddess and goddess fight indiscriminately]

The goddess of captivity keeps the goddess free and builds his own God teammates. God gives you lamentation by beating the enemy.

[You hit me, you beat me, you chase me back, you startle at who's flexible]

Lightning arrows, bursting swords and rains attacked in large areas, shuttle guns between bullets and rains, referring to a specific speed ratio skills.

[24/7 hang-up of urban construction, easy harvest of resources and liver protection]

No time to play games? No alarm, off-line hang-up system, on-line can collect a lot of experience and treasures.


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