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  • size:493.1M
  • Posted:2019-06-11
  • Language:English, Chinese
  • Developer:PLAY BEST PTE. LTD.

Game Introduction


Three Kingdoms Killing Traditional Edition" is an official licensed authorized mobile game that supports networking mode and stand-alone mode, so that players can play the game of the Three Kingdoms online no matter where they are. Update the various gameplay methods one by one, simplifying the optimization of the network, operation and interface, and will definitely give you an unusual flash kill.

[game features]

1- qualifying: 2V2 confrontation mode, monthly for one season, points to improve the position, the level of the segment can represent the player's strength, fair play, strength witness.

2- Hot group battle: Easily team up, open the group at any time, you are not alone in the fight.

3-identity mode: 5 people / 8 people field, the main loyalty and internal random play.

4- Smooth single machine: no need to flow, kill anytime, anywhere!

5-Exclusive generals: Lingbi, Zhugeguo, Liuzan, Cao Rui... Enjoy exclusive mobile phone!

6-Official system: set military commander, leather clothing promotion rank, lead the weekly reward!

7-guild system: comrades-in-arms gather to build the strongest guild.

8- Dynamic modeling: dynamic modeling, visual upgrade.


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