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  • size:16M
  • Posted:2019-06-10
  • Language:English
  • Developer:NovaStar tech. ltd.

Game Introduction


Welcome to the world of Dragon Sealer!

In ancient times, Zhuanzang was assimilated by saliva, intending to tamper with history and turn it into a disaster. The divine dragon seal artist came into being, accompanied by the love of raging plum and bamboo horse, and a mountain spirit who can only ah ah, embarked on the journey of seal praise! "

"Strategy - treason - ambition - hegemony! This is my Warring States!"

Game features:

Creating the role of a fully balanced generals, there is no absolute divine generals, only wonderful magic!

Recruit heroes and make allies, join the sealers'mythological world and write down their own brilliant Dynasty

Global Conformity, Transnational Warfare, the Only Real Country Operating Strategies Tour

Usage, betrayal, unification of the world, between your fingers, it's up to you to decide


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